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Recovering from a work zone accident

If you are a road worker, numerous threats may arise while you are performing your job duties. For example, you may be hurt while working with dangerous equipment or you could suffer due to repetitive strain or even intense heat. At Zarbin Law Firm, we also know how devastating traffic crashes can be for road workers in Maryland. If you have been struck by a vehicle while doing your job, it is pivotal to take a look at any resources that may be able to assist you on your path to recovery.

From broken bones to other injuries, work zone accidents can be severe. Moreover, they can affect victims mentally and even financially. After an accident, you may be unable to work, resulting in the loss of your wages. Or, you could be facing hardships due to unpaid medical costs. Moreover, some of these crashes claim workers’ lives, which can leave their families with emotional pain and sadness that will never go away.

Private sector workplace injury statistics

On an annual basis, a tragic number of worker of workers pass away in on-the-job accidents. However, those who are lucky enough to survive an accident, such as falling off of a ladder or suffering due to electrical shock, may also experience numerous hardships. In Maryland, and all over the U.S., these accidents often lead to debilitating injuries, from broken bones to burns and other setbacks that can prevent an employee from returning to work and interrupt their life in other ways. Moreover, injured workers could face an array of financial complications as well, from lost wages to medical expenses.

In the private sector, there were 48,000 less non-fatal illnesses and injuries in 2015 when compared to 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, a significant number of workplace illnesses and injuries still occurred during this year. In fact, the BLS says that roughly 2.9 million non-fatal illnesses and injuries were reported by employers in the private sector during 2015.

What is truck driver fatigue?

Whenever a traffic accident takes place, the outcome can be disastrous. Sadly, this is especially true for accidents which involve a large truck. In Maryland, truck accidents occur for many reasons, from alcohol intoxication to carelessness. However, some are the result of truck driver fatigue, which can be hard to spot. For truck companies and truckers, understanding the warning signs and dangers of fatigue is paramount. Unfortunately, some ignore the risks and put the lives of innocent people on the line.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck driver fatigue is a leading cause of large truck crashes. When drivers become fatigued, their ability to drive safely is adversely affected. A fatigued driver may miss road signs or have difficulty concentrating behind the wheel, which can be deadly when they are in control of a massive truck which requires more time to come to a complete stop. Although working excessive hours can lead to fatigue, there are many other factor that may cause drivers to become dangerously tired. For example, failing to get enough sleep and taking medications that make one drowsy also play a major role in the prevalence of trucker fatigue.

Report shows truck accident fatalities are on the rise

Maryland’s location means that its highways are flush with cars and trucks transporting people and goods all over the east coast. Unfortunately, this also means that accidents are likely to occur and when they involve a large tractor-trailer or bus, injuries are often extremely serious and sometimes fatal. At Zarbin Law Firm, we understand that your safety and that of your loved ones is of the upmost importance to you.

A new preliminary report issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates car and truck safety, analyzed the statistics for truck accidents through 2015. The results show that between the years of 2009 and 2015, both injuries and fatalities from accidents involving large vehicles rose dramatically. Injuries rose 62 percent in that time period, while deaths rose by 26 percent.

In real life, drowning is not like it's portrayed on TV

Typical drownings are quick, quiet and unnoticed

In TV shows and movies, a drowning person thrashes, splashes and yells for help. In real life, drowning is mostly silent. The person is unable to speak or wave or otherwise signal for help. They struggle to stay on the surface, but soon slip under the water, often without anyone noticing.


It is important to recognize the true signs of drowning, and to take swift action if a swimmer is in distress. Even when an unconscious person is rescued and revived, a near-drowning can result inpermanent brain damage.

Pedestrian deaths in Maryland automotive crashes

In Maryland, pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle accidents are a real issue. According to the Capital Gazette, more than one-fifth of deaths resulting from automotive accidents were those of pedestrians. In 2016 there were 111 pedestrian fatalities, which officials say has been consistent over the past three years and is a cause for concern. There were 523 deaths in Maryland as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

Officials link traffic congestion to these fatalities, which were more prevalent near Ocean City and Baltimore. State officials are calling for municipal authorities and county officials to enact their own “strategic highway management plans,” to increase safety procedures that cut down on crashes in their areas. These plans would include conducting studies on the areas along their stretches of highways that have proven to be dangerous and in need of improvement so that pedestrians can cross safely. Officials stated that Prince George County saw a 12 percent drop in fatal crashes from 2015. In 2014 the county developed its highway management plan, and points to this decrease in deadly accidents as a result of their actions to improve safety.

Who decides what high visibility clothing you wear at work?

As spring gives way to summer in Upper Marlboro, those who work in the roadway construction industry may expect their business to begin to pick up. If you do such work, then you know that along with the benefit of working outdoor comes the added risk of being struck by vehicles on the road. Information shared by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association confirms this fact. Their numbers how that nearly half of all the fatalities incurred by the roadway construction industry from 2003-2007 can be attributed to workers being struck by vehicles or other equipment.

Not seeing road construction workers ranks among the more common reasons behind such accidents. Thus the need for you and your coworkers to wear high visibility clothing while working. However, you should ensure you are wearing the right clothing for the job you’re doing.

Tech companies innovate to combat distracted driving

Getting into an accident with a distracted driver in Upper Marlboro can cause a major headache. Distracted driving crashes have skyrocketed since smartphones have become commonplace. Sadly, many of these accidents are preventable. That is why some tech companies are inventing apps that will curb this dangerous practice.

The Claims Journal reports that one company has created an app that discourages drivers from using their phones while driving by giving them rewards. Previous apps from the company have collected data about people’s phone use in the car. It was found that bad driving habits were reduced by 20 percent when they were brought to people’s attention.

Do I have to notify my employer of a work accident?

7 good reasons to report a work-related injury 

Maybe you aggravated an old injury. Maybe you hurt yourself doing something you shouldn't be doing at work. Maybe you think you can "tough it out."

Don't be reluctant to report a work-related injury. That is a mistake that could come back to haunt you. You can't be fired for getting hurt or claiming workers' comp. But your claim could be denied if you there is a long delay between the injury and notifying your employer.


Why are seniors more likely to slip and fall?

As an older person in Maryland, your risk of suffering an injury related to a slip-and-fall accident is higher than that of the average resident. In addition to environmental factors that may cause you to take a tumble, such as slippery store aisles or icy sidewalks, there are several health-related reasons you are more likely to fall and suffer injury as a result.

Per, some of the reasons you are more likely to fall as a senior are likely due to the simple fact that your overall health and wellness tends to deteriorate as you age. Your vision, for starters, often worsens over time. In addition to not being able to see well, you may develop degenerative eye diseases, and you may end up needing glasses or contact lenses as you get older if you wish to continue to get around safely. You also may be more likely to develop diseases that hinder balance and strength as you age, such as arthritis or muscle conditions. If you are an older person taking certain prescription medications, or particular combinations of medications together, this, too, may make you more susceptible to falling down.

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